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Ningbo Aumax Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

NINGBO AUMAX PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise located in Ningbo, China. We have more than 20 years of experience specialized in R&D and manufacturing of plastic recycling machine and auxiliary equipment for plastic injection molding machine. We specialize in the production of plastic crusher, plastic granulator, plastic shredder. Adhere to the business concept of "taking customer as the center, developing with customer together", we will always provide excellent products and best services for the agencies and customers all over the world.

New Products

  • Plastic Crusher Machine

    Plastic Crusher Machine

    AMG Series hot sales powerful centralized plastic crusher machine is used for crushing and recycling of plastic wasted materials and products. Our plastic crushing machines can crush different plastic wastes in different dimensions and shapes like PET drinking Bottles, plastic sheets and films, plastic pipes and pipe fittings, fruit boxes, beer cases, etc. Aumax AMG plastic granulator are very popular to plant and factories of plastic recycling industry.

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  • Heany Duty Plastic Crusher

    Heany Duty Plastic Crusher

    Aumax AMG-SH Series Heany Duty Plastic Crusher is mainly used for granulating and recycling of large size plastic wasted material, such as 200L chemical drums and chemical barrels, big diameter PVC pipes and pipe fittings, bumpers of automobiles, big plastic containers and boxes, plastic parts of air-conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, large plastic blocks and lumps, thermoforming sheet rolls, etc. Heavy Duty plastic granulating machine equipped with big diameter of rotor shaft, big dimensions of crushing room and huge power of engine, so the granulating machines can crush large materials with big output capacity.

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  • Low Speed Plastic Granulator

    Low Speed Plastic Granulator

    AMG-L Series Low Speed Plastic Granulator Machines are installed beside plastic injection molding machine for grinding mold runner sprue wasted material and defect products. The machine equipped with blower and cyclone system to transport the crushed materials into injection machine immediately.

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