Autoloader And Conveyor

Autoloader And Conveyor: Automatic Vacuum Hopper Loader, also named Vacuum Autoloader and belt conveyor is an important ancillary equipment for injection molding machine. The plastic hopper loader machine is used to transport the plastic raw materials from bag or storage tank into injection molding machine, and the belt conveyor is always used to transport the plastic products to next step of production or package directly.


 The commonly used vacuum hopper loaders are divided into split type hopper loader and independent type hopper loader, which are usually used in conjunction with hot air dryers, which can replace manual feeding to the hopper, and also have the functions of automatic dust collection and dust removal. The conveying capacity of the suction machine is generally 300 ~ 700kg/h.


The working principle of the vacuum autoloader for plastics:

The vacuum autoloader mostly adopts the vacuum suction method. The working principle of the vacuum suction is to form a certain negative pressure in the hopper cavity so that the material is sucked into the hopper. The working process of the automatic microcomputer vacuum suction machine is: when there is no material in the hopper, the contact switch that detects the material sends a signal to the microcomputer of the suction machine, and the microcomputer gives a signal to start the motor for vacuuming, and when it is airtight When the system reaches a certain degree of vacuum, it starts to suck materials, and discharges the materials into the hopper after the suction is completed. After a certain amount of preparatory time is passed after discharging the materials, the next cycle is carried out. When the hopper is full, the contact switch that detects the material will give a signal, and the suction action will be terminated. In the process of this reciprocating cycle, the materials can always meet the material requirements of the equipment.


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