All in One Dehumidifying Dryer

The three-in-one dehumidifying dryer loader unit is a new product developed in accordance with the actual situation of the plastic industry. All in One Dehumidifying Dryer adopts multi-section honeycomb runner and all stainless steel double-layer down-blowing heat preservation hopper, which integrates dehumidification, drying and feeding. It has the advantages of fast and simple feeding, compact structure, sturdiness and durability. With the widespread use of engineering plastics, dehumidifying dryers have gradually replaced traditional hot air dryers.
Three-machine integrated dehumidification dryer structure composition: circuit board, precision filter, condenser, runner, heating tube, chassis and drying barrel, etc.
In the plastics processing industry, products appear shrinkage, silver streaks, bubbles, cracks, flow marks, poor transparency, etc. The main reason for these poor quality is that the plastics are not sufficiently dried before they are formed. Engineering plastics such as : PA, PET, PC, PBT, CA and other materials with strong hygroscopicity, due to the penetration of moisture into the plastic particles, the traditional hot air dryer can not make it completely dry. Practice has proved that reducing the dew point of the drying wind to below -40℃ and controlling the heat to blow it over the surface of the moisture-containing plastic particles can reduce the moisture content of it to below 0.02% before molding. The three-in-one honeycomb dehumidifying dryer is airtight. The air is fully dehumidified and heated in the circulatory system, and the dry air quickly completely separates the moisture in the plastic particles to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying. The desiccant dryer has two cycles:
1. Plastic dehumidifying dryer internal circulation: through the operation of the compressor → discharge high-temperature and high-pressure gas through the exhaust port → enter the condenser for cooling → become a low-temperature and high-pressure gas → intercept the flow through a capillary tube → become a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid → evaporate and suck through the evaporator Heat → return to the compressor to become a low-temperature and low-pressure gas. So it goes back and forth.
2. The external circulation of the dehumidifier: under normal startup → through the operation of the fan → moist air is sucked in from the air inlet → passes through the evaporator → the evaporator absorbs the moisture in the air on the aluminum sheet → becomes dry air → Pass through the condenser to dissipate heat → blow out from the air outlet.

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