Water Chiller And Cooling Tower

Industrial Water Chiller Machine is one of very important ancillary equipment for plastic injection molding machine. The water chillers are mainly used to cool the injection mold and shorten the cycle time of plastic molding. The industrial chillers are also used to cool the oil of hydraulic system of injection molding machines.
Usually, according to the heat exchange mode, industrial water chiller include air cooled industrial chiller and water cooled industrial chiller. The condenser of air cooled chiller is cooled by electric fans, while the condenser of water cooled chiller has to be connected with cooling tower and cooled by water. Based on the type of compressor, the industrial chiller can be divided to scroll type water chiller and screw type water chiller.
Except plastic injection molding industries, Aumax industrial water chiller and cooling tower can also be widely used in many industries and fields such as plastics, electronics, chemicals, chemical fiber, electroplating, food, textile, clothing, printing, blow molding, blister, medicine, preservation, construction, and mechanical equipment. According to different industries, the configuration The chiller specifications and models are also different.

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