Material Proportional Valve

Aumax AMPV series two-material proportional valve can control the conveying operation of new material and crushed material in a certain proportion to achieve the function of proportional mixing and conveying. The machine has the advantages of low cost, high precision and easy installation. It can be installed directly on the suction machine or on the pipeline.


Features of two-material proportional valve:

a. Beautiful appearance, convenient installation, simple operation

b. The unique valve body design makes the transportation of materials more smooth;

c. The solenoid valve and cylinder have stable performance to ensure accurate mixing ratio;

d. The crushed material is immediately recycled and used, which can reduce the cost.


The two-material ratio proportional valve is used to match the vacuum hopper loader to proportionally mix the new material and the crushed material and then send it into plastic injection machine. The proportional valve can set the loading time of new and inferior materials. The main feature of the proportional valve is an integrated design, which is simple to install and easy to operate.


The attached accessories of  two-material ratio valve can be directly installed on the feeding pipe of vacuum autoloader. Not only is it easy to install and does not take up space, but the machine can also be installed beside of the injection molding machine with a solid piece for easy operation.

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