Low Speed Plastic Grinder

Aumax AMG-L Series low speed granulator machines equipped with powerful gear motor with high torque and low speed, so the machine grind plastic materials with low noise and low dust ( powder). The machine equipped with blower conveyor to convey the granulated material into injection molding machine immediately.


The machine structure of slow speed plastic granulator is combined and optimized European style design. The mini size low speed plastic crusher adopts high quality electric motors and components for stable running and working.


Aumax low speed plastic grinder machine is suitable to crush all soft and hard plastic materials from injection molding machine, such as ABS, PVC, PP, PE, HDPE, PS and so on. We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing of plastic low speed granulator machine.

Our Low Speed Plastic Grinder are all made in China, you can rest assured to buy products from our factory. Aumax is one of the Low Speed Plastic Grinder manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy them with the cheap price from our factory. Our factory provides advanced services and quality products. We have CE certificates, you are welcome to come to consult customized products.