Separate Vacuum Hopper Loader

Separate vacuum hopper loader machine is a type of suction feeding machine, it is suitable for conveying various types of granular materials, especially for feeding of plastic resin materials into injection molding machine. The machine is not suitable for raw materials containing powder.


Features of small combined independent vacuum autoloader:

1. Computer control panel, easy for operation;

2. Independent filter device, convenient to remove dust;

3. Mute device to reduce operating noise;

4. Stainless steel storage barrel, light and durable, good for cleaning materials;

5. Automatic buzzer alarm notification for lack of material;

6. The suction time can be set freely;

7. Motor overload automatic protection device and lack of material alarm indication.


Aumax supply different types and models of separation type vacuum hopper loader and auto loaders for plastic molding manufacturers. Our vacuum auto-loaders include motor power ranges from 1.5HP to 15HP, the conveying capacity ranges from 300Kg/hour to 2000Kg/hour. Welcome to contact us for more details about our vacuum hopper loaders.




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